“The flavor was outstanding with a mix of sour lemons and earthy fuel – a perfect combination of terpene profiles.”

HASH processed by dammit bobby
FLOWER grown by burnside garden collective
PRODUCED by archive portland
Moonbow #112
90/120u Hash Rosin


Moonbow is a unique cross of the ever popular Zkittles and Do-Si-Dos.

The rosin is a light yellow color and boasts a potent terpene profile that is heavily reminiscent of the Do-Si-Dos lineage.

This particular phenotype, in flower form, has a funky and earthy nose complemented by vibrant dark purple calyxes.

After taking and sharing a few dabs with colleagues and friends, I was rather impressed with the distinct flavor profiles I was detecting from each parent strain. The funk and earthiness from the Do-Si-Dos hit my palate first, followed by the sweet, almost stone fruit flavor from the Zkittles lineage.

For me, this cross of uplifting and relaxing strains proves to be the perfect synergistic effect for a functional, yet pain-free work day.

69.4% THC | 0.316% CBD
90u Full Melt

Bred by Archive Seed Bank, Lemoncane is a potent and flavorful cross of Lemon Peel and Do-Si-Dos. Chris, the lead solventless processor for Burnside Garden Collective and Archive Portland, has been honing his skills for a couple years and is now one of the top solventless producers in the Pacific Northwest.

The team and I were fortunate enough to sample this limited Lemoncane 90u full melt for review and when I obtained it, the heads of resin were rather fresh out of the freezer – still separated and easy to move about the jar.

Within 10 minutes, the entire gram was completely greased over, transforming into more of a pull-n-snap consistency. I pressed the melt out between some unbleached parchment paper and took the dab at a much lower temperature. The flavor was outstanding with a mix of sour lemons and earthy fuel – a perfect combination of terpene profiles.

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